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Wireless system
DW-500B SDI/HDMI 150m Wireless  
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DWV-2000 SDI/HDMI 700 Wireless  
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Shoulder Rig  
LED Panel Light
EL-500 Series LED Panel Light  
EL 1x1 Series LED Panel Light  
ELF2 Series LED Panel Light  
ELF3 Series LED Panel Light  
LED Fresnel Spotlight
D-LFS100 Series(100W)  
D-LFS200 Series(200W)  
Battery Extender
24V Power Adapter  
48V Skypanel Power Adapter  
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24V Power Adapter
D-2BS/A-24 Battery Extender
D-2BS/A-24 is the power station designed to integrate the power of 2pcs V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries into a power source as 24V voltage output.
It can supply power of up to 240W output(24V, 10A).
To reach the best output performance, 2pcs batteries with same capacity and charging status are required.
Battery models with bigger capacity are better.
D-4BS/A Battery Extender
D-4BS/A is a portable power supply unit through 4 channels V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries.
The 2 channels output of 12V 4-pin XLR and 24V 3-pin XLR are suitable for high power applications such as portable editor, microwave transmitter, etc.
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