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DW-500 SDI/HDMI 150m Wireless
DW-500 SDI/HDMI 150m Wireless Transmission System
Dynacore DW-500 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission Suite utilize today's most advanced wireless video transmission technology, which can realize the broadcast-class and uncompressed 3G SDI/HDMI HD video signal transmitted with no compression and zero delay. The suite include one transmitter and one receiver, where the transmitter provides a 3G/HD SDI input and a HDMI input, and the receiver also provide a 3G/HD SDIoutput and a HDMI output. The wireless HD suite has 2 stick antennas in transmitter side,can work in 5.1-5.9GHz frequency band and be flexibly software configured to licensed or ISM band of global different regions, as well as the side panel of both transmitter and receiver has been installed a frequency select knob, which provide maximum 10 workable frequency channels, and support maximum 4 sets working simultaneously. The wireless suite can accept wide range DC power input, which is suitable for many kinds of camera battery model. The suite also can sustain 8 kV ESD (HBM, co-ntact discharge), the industry class metal case and professional heat design would guarantee most robust reliability.
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